Welcome to the E-Learning Hub for the COMPASS Study.

The following five E-Learning modules will serve as an invaluable resource to support you in collecting data accurately for the COMPASS study. The E-Learning Quiz, which is to be completed after reading through the five modules, will further allow you to test your knowledge of the most pertinent information.

Whilst completion of these modules and the accompanying E-Learning Quiz, is not compulsory, we strongly recommend completion to enable uniform and accurate data collection across all hospital sites internationally. Completion of the E-Learning will further enable you to be maximally efficient with your time during data collection.Completion of all modules and the quiz should take no longer than 30 minutes. 

E-learning quiz serves as an adjunct for you to retain and test knowledge learned from the four COMPASS E-learning modules.Completion of this quiz, whilst not compulsory, is strongly recommended to aid retention of vital knowledge required for the COMPASS study data collection.The pass mark for the e-learning quiz is set at 75% (15/20). This quiz should take around 10 minutes to complete. You may take this quiz as many times as necessary.

Recommended MRC course on data confidentiality